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Deconstruction, Recycling and Reuse

AM Profiles are very aware of the issues of sustainability and only use materials which are sourced from sustainable forests and where possible recycled materials where it does not compromise quality.

Aluminium is virtually 100% recyclable and does not age in use, materials installed in buildings over 50 years ago are being removed and recycled into new aluminium products. As the life expectancy is beyond 50 years, the use of aluminium is seen as a substantial sustainable product.

Timber can be sourced from all parts of the world where a sustainable policy for renewal is in place. Finishes can last for many years now without further application and most high quality finishes now use water based lacquers and preservatives. Timber is also an excellent insulator and does not give off toxic fumes when burnt.

The combination of these two materials offers the best of both and its not surprising that composite windows are growing in popularity for both commercial and domestic use.

Once the useful life of the product has been reached, AM Profiles products are designed to be easy to Deconstruct which enables cost effective recycling with the minimum of energy use.

Further information on AM Profiles Green Policy is available from AM Profiles head office.